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Smoking cessation

Hayley is our stop smoking cessation champion and is able to supply free evidence based advice and behavioural support for adult smokers who want to stop smoking. The service is delivered here at the surgery the sessions being one to one.

You are encouraged to make an appointment to attend one of these sessions at the surgery. Please contact a member of our Admin team at reception who will be happy to discuss this further.

There is also the national programme 'Stop Smoking Wales ' If you are a smoker who is motivated to quit smoking you can book a session convenient to you by using the free phone number 0800 085 2219.

Smoking cessation

Session 1

Session 1 will focus on your feelings about quitting smoking and the benefits of quitting with Stop Smoking Wales. This session will help to prepare you to quit smoking, looking at withdrawal and coping mechanisms in preparation, followed by carbon monoxide testing.

Sessions 2-5

By session two you will have quit smoking. During sessions two to five there will be an opportunity to discuss withdrawal symptoms, ways to cope with difficult situations, maintaining motivation to quit smoking, stop smoking aids and carbon monoxide testing.

Session 6

Relapse prevention is the focus of session 6, emphasising the progress you have made over the 6 weeks and how to remain smoke-free in the future. Carbon monoxide levels will be monitored.

The focus of session six is to help you stay stopped. You will have the opportunity to look back at the progress you have made over the six weeks and will receive advice on how to prevent you from going back to smoking. Carbon monoxide levels will be monitored.

Stop Smoking Wales runs weekly group sessions throughout Wales. To find out more about your nearest Stop Smoking Wales group session call our free helpline on 0800 085 2219 and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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